Monday, May 17, 2010

I've been hunting in Zambia since I can remember and have had the good fortune to traverse this country perhaps more than any other modern day outfitter / PH - simply put I have earned the miles I've put in across the country born out of a desire to see it all, to hunt those parts of this magnificent wilderness and get to know what's out there.

2009 saw me hunting on private land, not a fenced game ranch but rather a private reserve without fences in the heart of one of our greatest wilderness repositories - the Luangwa. The reserve was set up by local and international investors who sought the opportunity to resurrect and conserve a classic piece of Africa by involving and extending support to the local Luembe community.

What is so different about Munyamadzi is that there is no incessant government interference, the land is unashamedly private which leaves hunters pretty much to their own ends - I don't mean where you can embark upon a species jihad - I mean you don't have to stick to the norms that everyone else does throughout the industry. As a PH it lifted a great weight off my shoulders as I didn't have to constantly worry about the greedy eye of the monitoring game scouts, resident hunters or tourists. During any safari clients have exclusive rights and access to the entire estate, something which is fast fading amongst Zambia's safari operators.
When I arrived I found a camp on the banks of that great river, the Luangwa with dramatic views - a staff so eager to please that they fell over themselves to get you a beer and a hunting area so scenic it harkened back to the early days I had spent up in the North Luangwa - Munyamadzi to me was old Africa and it was perfect.

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