Thursday, May 27, 2010


2x1 Buffalo Safari - Zambia's best Buffalo hunting area in 2010

This is a 100 percent Buffalo hunt - it is not for the feint hearted nor can you expect to sit around and shoot a buffalo from the vehicle - it requires hard work and by this I mean looking at many, many bulls over your 7 days - seriously this is rated as Zambia's top hunting area, sandwiched between the great North and South Luangwa NationalParks - the concentration of buffalo here are huge especially during the later months!

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 2x1 basis - $14,900
7 day Buffalo hunt on a 1x1 basis - $15,900

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - the Buffalo trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, flight in and out of the area - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal!

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